Services Offered

Office Appointments available five days a week (Monday through Friday) with time set aside for family meetings and education sessions. Appointments will be encouraged, but same day call-ins will be honored for urgent needs.

Home Visits for Older Adults

For some patients, coming into the clinic may be challenging. That is why Access Medical Care is proud to offer home visits, both to provide for our older patients and to reduce the stress on their caretaking family. Our cloud-based record keeping means our nurse practitioner will have full access to the patient’s medical record during these visits.

Mental, Behavioral, and Drug Counseling

Access Medical Care has an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor (LADAC) who work with people of all ages. We use Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to assess, counsel, and coordinate care with a Suboxone or Vivitrol provider and referrals to treatment providers.

Vaccine Information

At access Access Medical Care we offer the latest vaccines and follow all CDC guidelines. Vaccines are necessary to ensure the health of our children and our community. If you have question, we are here for you to answer them and educate you.